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In North Atlanta, the large populace puts a heavy demand on the city’s electrical systems. When too many people are using too much electrical equipment at once — or a heavy storm rolls through the area — the result is often a blackout that can last hours, or longer.

The solution to this ever-looming problem is a backup generator of your own. The team to get it installed and well-maintained is Generator Supercenter of North Atlanta. We are the trusted name in home backup generator installation, whether you have a commercial or residential property, or own a propane, electric, diesel, or Generac generator.

At Generator Supercenter of North Atlanta, we have a massive selection of high-quality backup generators in North Atlanta from reputable name brands, and we can help you find the perfect one for your needs. We understand the importance of power you can rely on in an emergency, and our team makes it their mission to ensure you’re never left in the dark.

Call Generator Supercenter of North Atlanta now at  (678) 885-9751 and let us help you find the perfect emergency power solution.

Our commitment to clients has garnered us recognition such as the BBB Pinnacle award and the Generac Premier Dealer Award – Generac’s Highest Honor for Customer Service and Sales.

You Call. We Come.

At Generator Supercenter, our customers are our first priority. We care more about forming solid relationships than earning a quick buck. We want to be your generator company for life. That is why we strive to exceed customer expectations – we’re not satisfied until you are!

Why do customers trust Generator Supercenter of North Atlanta?

  • Generator Supercenter is the world’s largest Generac dealer

  • We offer in-house financing to make emergency power both easy and affordable

  • We help you choose the right system with a free on-site power analysis

  • Our team is fully-trained to offer you the utmost peace of mind

  • We keep your system running with quality maintenance services

Plan Ahead for the Worst with the Best Name in the Industry

Why should you consider getting a home backup generator installed and maintained by Generator Supercenter of North Atlanta? The answers are pretty simple: safety and convenience.

You and your family deserve to always feel as safe as can be, but that’s not possible when the power is out. With a backup generator installed by our fully licensed and trained professionals, you can guarantee your sense of security during blackouts. Even when disaster strikes and all of Atlanta is without power for days, you and your loved ones can stay connected to power.

The convenience of having a backup generator during short outages is also too good to overlook. How much money would you lose right now if all the food in your fridge and freezer spoiled? Are you going to lose business or income if your internet is out for half a day? Plan ahead and avoid big problems by getting a generator installed today. Our turnkey installation means you can have one much sooner than you might expect!

Turn-Key Installation With Every Generator

24kW Generac Guardian

  • True Power™ Technology

  • Generac's Evolution™ Controller

  • Removable Front and Side Panels

  • Solid State, Frequency Compensated Voltage Regulation

  • 48L" x 25W" x 29H"

Are You Ready To Invest In Your Home And Your Peace Of Mind?