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Turnkey Backup Generator Installations & Maintenance Throughout Orlando

Orlando is one of the largest cities in Florida. It is also one of the cities that gets the longest and hottest summers in the state. As a result, countless businesses and households run their air conditioners day-in and day-out, putting immense strain on the city’s electrical grid. As you probably know if you have lived in Orlando for a while, it is only a matter of time until the system malfunctions and a blackout sweeps over the city.

To protect yourself, your family, and your valuable electronics from a blackout and subsequent power surges — caused either by a power grid failure or a seasonal hurricane — you should get a home backup generator installed by Generator Supercenter of Orlando. We are the nation’s most trusted name when it comes to turnkey backup generator installations and maintenance. Our highly skilled and trained generator technicians can install or perform work on all types of generators, including residential, commercial, propane, electric, diesel, and Generac generators!

Call Generator Supercenter of Orlando now at  (407) 984-5000 and let us help you find the perfect emergency power solution.

Our commitment to clients has garnered us recognition such as the BBB Pinnacle award and the Generac Premier Dealer Award – Generac’s Highest Honor for Customer Service and Sales.

You Call. We Come.

At Generator Supercenter, our customers are our first priority. We care more about forming solid relationships than earning a quick buck. We want to be your generator company for life. That is why we strive to exceed customer expectations – we’re not satisfied until you are!

Why do customers trust Generator Supercenter of Orlando?

  • Generator Supercenter is the world’s largest Generac dealer

  • We offer in-house financing to make emergency power both easy and affordable

  • We help you choose the right system with a free on-site power analysis

  • Our team is fully-trained to offer you the utmost peace of mind

  • We keep your system running with quality maintenance services

A Little Careful Planning Now Makes a Big Difference When It Counts !

One of the easiest and most effective ways to add safety and convenience to your home is getting a backup generator installed. When the power is out, feeling totally safe and secure is simply not an option, especially if the power is knocked out by a powerful rainstorm or hurricane crossing Orlando.

Losing power for a few hours or days can cause:

  • Food in your fridge or freezer to expire

  • Power surges that damages sensitive electronic equipment

  • Health issues if medical appliances are in your home

  • Thieves and burglars to gain an interest in your property

Before disaster strikes, get Generator Supercenter of Orlando on the phone. We are the world’s leading Generac dealer for good reasons! Our fully-trained and licensed experts use our amazing turnkey installation process to get your generator up-and-running in less time than you probably expect. Plus, if you already have a generator but it hasn’t been serviced in a while, or it is acting up, you can count on our experts for maintenance done right the first time.


Turn-Key Installation With Every Generator

24kW Generac Guardian

  • True Power™ Technology

  • Generac's Evolution™ Controller

  • Removable Front and Side Panels

  • Solid State, Frequency Compensated Voltage Regulation

  • 48L" x 25W" x 29H"

Are You Ready To Invest In Your Home And Your Peace Of Mind?