Weathering the Storm: Preparing Your Generac Generator for Extreme Conditions

The unforgiving freeze of 2021 in Texas was a stark reminder of how crucial it is to be prepared for extreme weather events. Power grid failures led to widespread outages, leaving millions without heat and electricity during one of the state’s worst cold snaps. To minimize life’s interruptions, here’s how you can prepare your Generac […]

Celebrate the Holiday Season With Our Standby Power Solutions

With the holiday season in full swing, homes are adorned with lights and the city is imbued with festive cheer. In the midst of celebration, the last thing anyone wants is for the lights to go out. To safeguard against any interruptions, Generator Supercenter offers reliable, efficient whole home generators from Generac. Peace of Mind […]

Ensuring Uninterrupted Thanksgiving Celebrations with Generac Generators

As the calendar turns to November, thoughts turn toward family gatherings and the warmth of Thanksgiving celebrations. These cherished traditions underscore the importance of uninterrupted power, an element that Generac generators—offered through Generator Supercenter—ensure with unwavering dependability. Generac Generators: The Heartbeat of Thanksgiving Celebrations: In the bustling kitchens and well-lit dining rooms, Generac standby generators […]

Post-Hurricane Season Generator Maintenance for Houston Homeowners

Hurricane season’s departure often leaves a subtle yet tangible trace on Houston’s landscape and its infrastructure. For homeowners invested in preserving the sanctity of their electrical supply, the cessation of storm alerts signifies an important transitional phase: the post-hurricane maintenance of their standby generators. As the leading authority in residential power assurance, Generator Supercenter steps […]

Generac Liquid Cooled Whole Home Generators: The Ultimate in Power and Reliability

Generac liquid-cooled whole home generators are the best choice for homeowners who need reliable backup power. They are more powerful and reliable than air-cooled generators, and they can handle larger loads. Benefits of Generac Liquid Cooled Whole Home Generators Why Generac Liquid Cooled Whole Home Generators Are the Best Choice for Homeowners Generac liquid-cooled whole […]

The Importance of Diesel Generator Cooling Systems for Homeowners

Diesel whole home generators are a valuable asset for homeowners, providing backup power during outages and other emergencies. However, in order to operate safely and efficiently, diesel generators require a reliable cooling system. Diesel generator cooling systems prevent the engine from overheating by circulating coolant throughout the system. This coolant absorbs heat from the engine […]

Air-Cooled vs. Liquid-Cooled Generators: Which Type is Best for Homeowners?

When choosing a generator for your home, one of the most important factors to consider is the cooling system. There are two main types of generator cooling systems: air-cooled and liquid-cooled. Air-Cooled Generators Air-cooled generators use fans to circulate air over the engine and radiator, which helps to dissipate heat. Air-cooled generators are typically smaller […]

How to Protect Your Home from the Biggest Threats to the Energy Grid

The energy grid is essential to our modern way of life, but it is also vulnerable to a variety of threats, both natural and man-made. Here are some of the biggest threats to the energy grid today: How to Protect Your Home There are a number of things that homeowners can do to protect themselves […]

How Homeowners Can Help Modernize America’s Outdated Energy Grid

America’s energy grid is outdated and vulnerable to disruptions, including extreme weather events. While there are many technical challenges to grid modernization, homeowners can play a role by investing in renewable energy and energy storage solutions. Homeowners can help to modernize the energy grid by: Homeowners can also learn more about renewable energy and energy […]