The Importance of Regular Generator Maintenance in Houston’s Climate

In the energy epicenter of Houston, where disruptive weather wields considerable impact, resilience is key. With extremes from searing heat to hurricane tumult, Generac generators are a necessity for stability. To ensure readiness, regular maintenance of your Generac system is essential. Here are essential tips provided by Generator Supercenter to prepare your Generac generator for Houston’s unique climate conditions:

Set to ‘Auto’ Make sure your Generac unit is programmed to ‘auto.’ This guarantees that it will activate and supply power during an outage without any manual intervention.

Check Battery Terminals Maintain clean, corrosion-free battery terminals to ensure a reliable start-up.

Look for Alarms Keep an eye out for any alarms on the control panel and address them immediately to prevent issues from worsening when you need your generator the most.

Schedule Professional Maintenance The complex climate of Houston, marked by humidity, hurricanes, and floods, demands a thorough maintenance routine to uphold your Generac generator’s efficiency and longevity. A professional service, like what Generator Supercenter offers, should include:

  • An annual 40-point inspection.
  • Priority placement on service calls.
  • 24/7 monitoring by expert technicians to respond swiftly to any emerging issues.

Houstonians are encouraged to schedule their first maintenance inspection with Generator Supercenter and set up routine checkups to maintain their Generac generator’s peak performance.

For Houston residents seeking expert advice and professional maintenance services, Generator Supercenter has you covered. Contact us today to ensure your Generac system remains a reliable powerhouse throughout Houston’s unpredictable weather.

Call Generator Supercenter at 281-251-6100 or visit us at our Houston location, 23123 SH 249 Tomball, Texas 77375, to book your maintenance inspection and embrace a plan for ongoing checkups. Additionally, our maintenance program includes GenMon, a specialized monitoring service that continuously tracks your system’s performance. Learn more and secure your home’s power backup by visiting GeneratorSupercenter.com. Ensure you’re prepared for anything the weather may bring with the support of Generator Supercenter.

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