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The Modern Load Center | Smarter Energy Management

An Integrated Whole-Home Energy Management Solution

  • Leviton Load Centers (i.e., Breaker Box, Breaker Panel) give homeowners unprecedented control of their home’s electrical system

  • Sleek, modern enclosure

  • Turn breakers on and off from anywhere

  • Make decisions about how and when you use energy with custom, time-based breaker schedules in the My Leviton app*

  • Designate your Essential Circuits and shed loads when utilizing compatible backup generator systems, potentially eliminating the need for a costly Essential Loads panel*

  • Monitor energy production from up to two alternate energy sources

Unprecedented Control

Turn Breakers Off and On From Anywhere

Up To 25% Faster Install

Our easy all plug-on design speeds up installation, saving valuable time and increasing productivity. Breakers simply snap in and out – no wiring to circuit breakers up to 60A for copper wire, and 50A for aluminum wire.

Safer Circuit Breakers

As the leader in home electrical safety, Leviton delivers the most stringent GFCI circuit breaker protection, locking users out if ground-fault protection is lost.

A Sleeker Designed Circuit Breaker Box

The all-white indoor circuit breaker box with optional observation window is just the beginning. Leviton AFCI, GFCI and Dual Function circuit breakers incorporate user-friendly diagnostics, such as color indicators in each rocker handle that indicate operating status, and easy-to-read LEDs that display fault type (AF/GF) when tripped.

Energy Use

  • The My Leviton dashboard provides a summary of real-time total energy usage, including a breakdown of what source(s) are currently powering the residence and top consuming circuits by kWh

  • Consumption data can be viewed by day, week, billing period, and year-over-year with charts to identify trends in historical energy usage and opportunities to adjust behaviors and save money

  • Turn Leviton 2nd Gen Smart a Circuit Breakers ON or OFF from anywhere

Schedules and Control

  • Schedule circuit activity to benefit from reduced energy rate periods
  • Smart Anomaly Detection sends automatic alerts if unusual activity is identified for the specified branch type – such as a freezer not running, or an HVAC system running for too long

Essential Circuits

  • Leviton 2nd Gen Smart Circuit Breakers provide the most cost-effective and modular way to integrate with a backup Generator and Automatic Transfer Switch and can eliminate the need for a costly secondary Essential Loads Panel.*
  • The My Leviton app provides an interface where users can change their Essential and Nonessential circuits at any time, with no need for re-wiring

Unprecedented Control

Turn Breakers Off and On From A Anywhere