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The Standby Power People®

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Generator Supercenter is a leader in whole home energy systems our skilled technicians and electricians, understand your electrical needs, and have the experience to meet them.

The Standby Power People®

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Charge up to 9x faster

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Whole Home Energy Solution FAQs

Yes, as the largest generator provider in North America, we have the resources and skills needed for quality generator services. We’ve installed over 15,000 generator energy solutions and look forward to installing full energy independent ecosystems in the future.

Additionally, our skilled professionals can come to your home or business and determine your power needs, thus allowing you to make an informed decision.

Generator Supercenter, period. At Generator Supercenter, we are dedicated to making our customers’ lives easier. One key way we do this is through our turnkey installations. Because our employees have years of experience, they have implemented designs and strategies to install generators seamlessly and effortlessly. 

Our turnkey installation allows us to install faster than ever.

This depends on the product and service. Most EV Chargers, and Panel Upgrades can be done without a permit. Whole home battery backups and solar solutions will likely require a permit.  As part of a turnkey install, Generator Supercenter will coordinate with the proper local building authorities to determine how local building code is interpreted in your jurisdiction, should your project require it.

Given our experience, it’s likely we have already completed a number of installations in your area and are already familiar with what will be required. We will also secure all needed permits on your behalf – a true turnkey solution. Given that each HOA has unique requirements, customers are responsible for all HOA requirements.

Charge up to 9x faster

Get the JuiceBox Level 2 charger for your home